Software applications development

  • programming languages : C, C++, C#
  • database systems: MySQL, MS SQL, Postgress;
  • communication protocols : RS232, RS485, LAN, TCP/IP, WI FI, ModBus etc;

Embedded software development

Using the programming languages C, C++ or ASM, for a wide range of microcontrollers:

  • ARM architecture ( NXP, STmicroelecronic, Texas Instruments, etc );
  • Atmel AVR (ATTiny, ATMega, ATXmega);
  • Microchip PiC (8, 24 si 32 bits);
  • Rabbit Microcontrolers;
  • 8051 architecture;
  • MSP430 (Texas Instruments).


FPGA and CPLD circuits programming (Xilinx, Altera, Lattice), using Verilog language;

Hardware design

  • Project requirements analysis and choosing an optimal solution;
  • Choosing the components;
  • Electronic schematic design;
  • PCB design;
  • The prototype achievement;
  • Testing;