Industrial automation

  • SCADA application for the technological processes of purification and diffusion from SC Zahar Arad SA and SCADA application for the control of the crystallization process from S.C. Zahărul Oradea S.A; www.diamant.ro

The application ensures:

    • The process monitoring;
    • Controlling certain process inputs (PID alhorithms);
    • Viewing data as synoptic, graphic and table;
    • Saving data to be viewed later (history feature);
    • Configuring screens and windows, and configuring process inputs;
    • implementation of sequential machines;
  • SCADA application and the automatization of woodworking technological processes at LA COSTE factory, Bastia Umbria, Betona, Perugia, Italia;
  • automatization of selection of lamellas, intermediate store, making profiles, pressing and drying, cutting and packaging processes  using Siemens PLC’s;
  • the achievement of operator panels for each process – www.costantinilegno.it


Fiscal equipments

  • XCOMM-ST – portable cash register, destined to ticket printing in person conveyance. Assures recording fiscal information according to present legislation (Software development for Eurosoft Communication S.R.L.);
  • Waitermate – portable terminal with radio transmission, equipped with graphical LCD and touch screen, allows tacking orders and translates these to the bar or kitchen (Development for S.C. Spinoff Rom S.R.L.);
  • Interfacing solutions for the waitermate with cash registers;
  • Portable terminal XCOMM-I, hardware and software design


Measuring equipments:

  • UIltrasonic flowmeter – software development for Dataforce Impex SRL/Fast-Eco SA – www.data-force.ro
  • Opacimeter – software development for Dataforce Impex SRL/Fast-Eco SA;
  • Hidrolocator, equipment used in the navy to calculate the distances and the azimuth of the underwatwer targets. Hardware design – central unit, video controller and embedded software development for ELTEX EEI SRL.
  • Sonar, equipment used in the navy to pick up underwater maps or to determine the fish banks – hardware design (central unit, video controller) and embedded software development for ELTEX EEI SRL. 
  • Gas analyzer – embedded software and application software for Tecnovolt SRL – www.technovolt.ro
  • Weigh scale – hardware and software development for SC Zahar Arad SA.


Medical equipments:

  • Dental prosthesis for bruxism investigation – embedded software development for Valtronic Technologies Romania;
  • Equiment for therapy with modulated light and modulated magnetic field for Valtronic Technologies;
  • Implant for cardiac stimulation – embedded software development and PC application for Valtronic Technologies.
  • HSD Bus, application used in security systems, allows the information management (inputs, outputs, status) from a maximum 255 modules connected to a CAN bus, through a master module, connected via USB or Ethernet to a PC – software development: slave module, master module and COM server – for Ro Software House– www.softwarehouse.ro